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Part-of-Speech Tagging examples in Python

Part of Speech Tagging examples in Python pos tagging

In this tutorial we would look at some Part-of-Speech tagging algorithms and examples in Python, using NLTK and spaCy

Katherine Johnson, my tribute poem

katherine johnson

“Katherine Johnson! Kate!

Yes, Glenn

Run the same numbers through the same equations

If you say they’re good, then I’m ready to go”

Get started with Natural Language Processing NLP

get started with natural language processing NLP

To get started with natural language processing NLP, we will look at some definitions, wins and bottlenecks in NLP. Lastly, we will learn some preprocessing techniques like tokenization, lemmatization and stemming. This article includes code examples in the python programming language.

I teach the Natural Language Processing track at AI Saturdays in Abuja. I hope this blog post and NLP series would serve as a refresher for my students and other learners! 💖

What is Natural language Processing, NLP?

 Natural Language Processing, is an interdisciplinary scientific field that deals with the interaction between computers and the human natural language. 



Let’s go back to where we started
Ctrl + Z,
this fast shortkey monuments
flanking the old keyboard:
weak and numb
like the torso of a goat
greatest of all time—