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Katherine Johnson, my tribute poem

katherine johnson

“Katherine Johnson! Kate!

Yes, Glenn

Run the same numbers through the same equations

If you say they’re good, then I’m ready to go”

Kathrine Johnson

The human-computer before vacuum tubes, ICs, and microprocessors

Your palm print lines with the calculation of our constellations

Our black queen of science and space

Project Apollo was your delight

The grin on your face analyzing flight datasets

The click of your heels is still heard in the heart of NASA’s walkway

You saw beyond you

You saw me, Mae, Judith, Stephanie, Ngozi, Jessica, Naia, Sally and thousands of women around the world daring and breaking barriers in science

From mathematics, physics, chemistry, medicine, to nanotechnology, aeronautics, artificial intelligence, robotics

Space shuttles will forever carry your grace

Young women all over the world joined you to watch the stars

Now we watch and see you amongst them

Learn more about Katherine Johnson on NASA

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  1. This is lovely. I don’t know Kathryn but from the little you’ve described I don’t think her name would be forgotten so soon especially in the ICT world. I love your blog Jenny. Keep up

  2. Wow!
    An awesome read
    I love this.
    I once watched a movie about her.
    She was portrayed as an intelligent, hardworking and confident woman who stood strong for her beliefs


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