Preserving Cultural Heritage using Technology | Jennifer Kwentoh Anionwu | TEDxUgwunobamkpaRd

Using her grandmother’s storytelling techniques to infuse culture with friction she talked about how we can do the same using cutting-edge technology.

Jennifer talked about different ways to preserve our intangible cultural heritage which includes the aid of spatial realities such as VR-Visual reality or AR-Augmented reality devices and the use of Artificial intelligence and machine learning which will help with infusing our culture in our present reality.

Building a Natural Language Processing that understands Onitsha dialects or other Igbo dialects and follows voice commands, which will be very helpful in preserving native languages.

She emphasized that cultural heritage doesn’t change but the way we preserve them should evolve.

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ARTS & TECH II: AI & Arts in Africa, from an AI for Africans to an African AI | WEBINAR | BOZAR – 22nd April, 2021

I was honored to join in a panel discussion on AI & Arts in Africa, from an AI for Africans to an African AI organized by BOZAR LAB and GLUON BXL.

“Africa as a continent has a vibrant scene of communities and start-ups. Faced with challenges specific to the continent, for example lacking data to train the machines, African data scientists develop with ingenuity new approaches to develop AI.
And how do artists react to these societal changes? How do they also contribute to innovation in society, through artistic exploration and their critical eye?” by Ayoko MensahArtistic Programmer chez BOZAR & Cultural Expert

The webinar was targeted to give more visibility to reflections and discussions at the crossing borders of arts, artificial intelligence, and green deal challenges in different African countries.

The speakers presented a mapping of the state of the latest developments of AI in Africa today and discussed opportunities for the future of African tech.

The Webinar was a beautiful blend of scientists and artists, sharing different views and perspectives for a common goal.

Guest speakers:
Sedjro MENSAH, Innovation strategy consulting
Manthia Diawara, Writer, and Filmmaker
Emo de Medeiros, Artist
Diyé Dia, PhD, Data Scientist and AI Entrepreneur
Jennifer C. Kwentoh-Anionwu, AI/ML Engineer


DevFest Lagos – The Quirky World of GANs – Generative Adversarial Networks

Introduction to Generative Adversarial Networks, the model behind DeepFakes.